Difference between a VPS and shared web hosting

A virtual server (VPS) in reality has very little similarity to shared web hosting.

A VPS is a more-or-less an empty server, which can be used to run the applications and services you want. This will typically be hosting of websites, mail, video streaming, etc. - You get full administrative access to the server and thus can configure it pretty much as you want.

Unlike shared web hosting, you are responsible for installing, configuration and operation of the applications and services running on your VPS. Among other things, you are responsible for backing up all files and data on your virtual server (VPS).

See our FAQs about backup, where we describe how to backup data, and make sure to read about our add-on service: FTP backup diskspace.


When ordering your VPS, we offer to pre-install the most typical services on your VPS, e.g. Web Server (IIS), Mail, FTP and Database (MSSQL) server.

If you have questions about backup or other responsibilities, please feel free to contact support.

For more information see the FAQ: General information about VPS