General information about VPS

You have full administrator rights and can access your VPS using Remote Desktop - this makes it possible to setup and configure your VPS to meet your needs.

As you have full administrator access to your VPS, it is important to emphasize that you yourself are responsible for what happens on your server! - Obviously, you can even install own software and components, create websites in IIS, use ASP.NET "Full Trust" mode, etc. - In other words, you are responsible for the ongoing management and administration of your VPS.

From the VPS control panel, you can start, stop, restart and reinstall your server. Furthermore, you can see see traffic statistics and make a complete VPS backup / restore (snapshot).

We keep your VPS up-to-date with updates from Microsoft. DO NOT install updates from Microsoft using Internet Explorer or using Windows Update, as this may cause the server to stop working!

See the table below for an overview of the responsibilities undertaken by us - and what you are responsible for.

If you have questions about responsibilities etc., please feel free to contact support.