Using a virtual private server (VPS) you get all the functionality that characterizes a dedicated server, but with the ability to scale quickly and painlessly, and achieve much better performance than standard shared Web hosting can provide.

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General information about Virtual Private Server

When you need more resources than shared web hosting can provide

A "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) gives you the flexibility and control you would get by having your own dedicated server, but frees you from having to worry about all the practical details of the operating system, replacing hardware, upgrades, etc. - We provide a stable Windows Server that you can use pretty much in any way you see want.

Why choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Typically a VPS is used when you have one or more websites that requires a lot of resources, or would like to host a number of websites on the same server. A VPS provides a lot of disk space, more processing power and unlimited traffic.

A VPS generally works the same way as a dedicated server, and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as: MailServer, FTP server, hosting resource-intensive websites, video streaming, CMS and CRM systems, booking systems, accounting tools/systems, etc.

Flexibility and scalability

Your Virtual Private Server can quickly and easily scale, so don't worry if your website suddenly grows and requires more resources. Your VPS can be upgraded in a matter of hours, even without any downtime.

Safe, secure and stable environment

All our servers are physically located in a state-of-the-art data center which host more than 20.000 servers and fulfill very strict requirements for physical and technical security, including:

- Multi-redundant, carrier-neutral 20-Gbit Internet connection (Europe's fastest!)
- Three separate power units.
- Redundant "n+1" air conditioning / climate control system.
- Argon based extinguishing system with four separate "early warning" alarm systems.
- 24 hour monitoring of all servers / hardware.

Advantages of using Virtual Private Server

Secure and isolated environment

All our VPS products are running Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit), and we use the latest Virtuozzo virtualization technology, to ensure each VPS is hermetically separated from each other.

Flexible and adaptable to your needs

You can use your VPS to the tasks you require! - It can be anything from hosting websites based on ASP.NET / SQL Server or PHP / MySQL technology or specialized tasks such as Subversion, video- or audio streaming, Web Development with Visual Studio, dedicated MS SQL Server, MailServer, FTP / file server etc.

Full Administrator access

You get administrator rights and Remote Desktop (RDP) access to your server and can install and configure applications, services etc.

Online VPS Control Panel

You can reboot your VPS, restart services, perform a complete backup and restore your VPS etc.

Benefits and information for web agencies

Customized solutions

You can use Your VPS for the tasks you want. It is possible to host websites built on different technologies, eg. ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby - all the same on the same VPS. Do you have a greater need for streaming video or audio files? This is also possible as Your virtual server is isolated and has guaranteed resources and bandwidth.

Achieve greater flexibility and save money at the same time

By hosting all your clients' websites on a VPS - instead of using different shared web hosting providers - you can save money. Furthermore you will achieve better performance, greater flexibility and less administrative hassle.

High flexibility and high scalability

If you need to host more websites or the number of visitors suddenly grows, it's quick and easy to scale Your VPS. Upgrading is done without downtime in a matter of hours - it does get much easier or faster that this!

Intranet, customer portal or own mail server?

Often there is a need to run one or more internal or external web systems that you do not want hosted on a shared server. The safety of a VPS, as well as the possibility of using SSL certificates, often makes the choice of VPS particularly attractive when it comes to critical systems, or systems involving sensitive personal information.

Benefits and information for Web developers

Use your favorite technologies

You get to choose which programming languages, technologies and applications you want to use. You can run .NET code in "full trust" mode, configure and setup your environment to best suit you needs and determine how you want your VPS to function and operate.

Bring your ideas to life

We develop web applications and websites ourselves, and continuously get new ideas which just to be tested out! A VPS is a perfect platform to test and develop concepts for the creative programmer, small business or anyone who needs a flexible platform. A VPS makes it possible to test concepts without having to worry about large start-up costs.

Highly flexible

You get to contol your own server! This means Remote Desktop (RDP) Administrator access to your VPS, and the ability to install and configure applications, services etc.

High performance, plenty of space and unlimited traffic

A VPS gives you access to modern high performance hardware at a very attractive price. You will be able to host as many websites, databases, mail accounts, etc. you want, and all of our virtual servers comes with unlimited traffic and lots of disk space.

Online development platform

Why not use your VPS as a development platform? Instead of spending money on expensive, high-end notebooks, you can instead connect to your VPS using Remote Desktop and develop in Visual Studio directly on your VPS. This way you achieve higher performance, much faster bandwidth, less hassle to deploy websites, etc. compared to developing on your desktop or notebook computer.