Virtual Private Server (VPS)

gives you the same flexibility and control as using your own dedicated hardware - but frees you from having to worry about all the practical details about installing the operating system, replacing hardware, upgrades, etc. We provide a stable Windows Server which includes full Remote Desktop (RDP) access to your server and the ability to install and configure applications, services, etc.

Quality hardware

We use high quality DELL servers for maximum performance and high reliability.

Remote Desktop access

You have full administrator access to your VPS using Remote Desktop, and thus have total control over your server, sites, etc.

NVMe SSD storage

Blazing fast I/O performance as your VPS is equipped with NVMe SSD storage.

Full Control

You decide what you want to use your VPS for, which software and services to install etc.

Stable and secure

We have 24-hour monitoring of server hardware, as well as full redundancy through all of our infrastructure.

Windows VPS hosting

We are 100% dedicated to Windows, and experts in hosting Microsoft ASP.NET websites on virtual server.

Free support

Do you have questions about your VPS - we're here to help! Write to us 24 hours a day, or search our extensive FAQ.

Installed applications

When ordering VPS you can choose to have applications such as FTP- and MailServer, IIS, ASP.NET etc. installed.


All servers are located in TÜV approved hosting center, which has a 5-star Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA) certification.