Backup entire VPS

You are responsible for backing up your VPS. If you want to make a complete backup (snapshot) of your VPS, which include the whole operating system and all files on the VPS, you can do so from the VPS control panel.

In order to take a complete backup of your VPS from the VPS control panel, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the VPS control panel
  2. On the left pane below "System Security", select "Data security".
  3. Click the "System Snapshot" tab. It is possible to store a maximum of 1 full VPS "System Snapshot" backup images.
  4. Click "Create new snapshot"
  5. You can see the progress (status) of the current VPS backup in the bottom of the screen.


The above backup is a full backup (snapshot) of your VPS - "incremental" backups of your VPS are made automatically.

We recommend that you take a full VPS backup once a month in order to have a up-to-date backup in case you ever need to restore your VPS.

You are responsible for backing up files and databases on your VPS - we offer cheap FTP backup disk space for this purpose.